Monday, May 23, 2011

Raquel {Children Photographer, Houston Tx.}

These three beautiful children belong to a family from Casey’s work.  They are amazing and so much fun!  Their mom takes lots of photos, so they knew exactly what to do in front of the camera.   I love when my job is made easier!  

Raquel_1090 cw 

Raquel_1013 cw 

Raquel_1277 cw

Raquel_1042 cw

I brought a little surprise with me.  I think I was their best friend after this. 

Raquel_1118 cw 

The bubbles and bare feet added such a fun summer element to their photo shoot. My inspiration: My kids playing with bubbles in the backyard 5 minutes before I left for my shoot.  I love when things just fall into place.

Raquel_1011 1 cw

Raquel_0995 1 cw

Raquel_1281 cw

Raquel_1353 cw   

Raquel_1366 2 cw   

Raquel_1316 cw

We took some photos of the kids with their grandparents, but I have so many I want to share so they will be in a separate post. 

Check back soon!

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Beth Curtis said...

those turned out great!! They look so nice and crisp. That little guy I just want to pick up and hold him. What a doll. The bubbles are a great suprise :)