Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cathy Hensley {Houston Texas Family Photographer }

Do these cuties look familiar?  I have had the privilege of photographing them before and we had just as much fun this time.  Cathy got a hold of me when the Blue Bonnets were in perfect bloom.  They didn’t last very long this year due to a drought.  I am so grateful we jumped on the opportunity when we did!  Did I mention before that this beautiful little girl and I have the same name?  ENJOY!

  Christa - CW

Cathy_0370 1 CW

Cathy_0315 CW

David CW

Cathy_0385 CW 

Cathy_0417 1 CW

Cathy_0276 - 2 CW

Cathy_0352 CW 

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Lindsey Jensen said...

Love the blue bonnets. Great job Krys!

Beth Curtis said...

yay! I love your posts! I think my favorite pics are the close ups of the little guy.

Andrea said...

Beautiful. I love them. I want pictures in the blue bonnets. Can I book a family photo shoot with you when you come?