Monday, May 30, 2011

Raquel {Family Photographer, Houston, Tx.}

These are the grandma’s from my photo shoot below.  The two on the outside are twins!  These kids are lucky to have 3 grandma’s. 

Raquel_1129 cw

Raquel_1131 BW cw

Raquel_1139 cw 

They got to play with bubbles too.  It was fun to see them live it up with the kids.

Raquel_1158 cw

Raquel_1158 BW cw

Raquel_1182 cw

Raquel_1182 BW cw


Andrea said...

So fun. I love how all three are in the same color. It is also fun to see them with bubbles. what a fun shoot.

Beth Curtis said...

What fun Grandma's! I love that the grandma's are getting into the bubbles as much as the kiddos.