Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Welcome Home

I had an amazing opportunity to photograph a family being reunited after 2 months and the birth of a new baby.  Tyler went away to Ranger School, which is a part of the army.  Not only was this a great opportunity for me as a photographer to capture this moment in time for them to have forever, but being there and feeling their excitement and joy is an experience all its own.

I love how Tyler is blurry in this photo from running to his family, but the spectators are in focus and you can see their smiles. 

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This photo (above) melts my heart.  A daddy holding his newborn daughter for the first time, feeling in awe over her and then out of nowhere she reaches her sweet little hand to touch his face.  So, so sweet.

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He absolutely admires his oldest daughter.  You could tell that he truly missed her and just wanted her in his arms. 

Not to mention his very brave wife. 

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Together they are ready for anything!


Beth Curtis said...

I LOVE it! I truly got chills over the one where the dad is holding the baby. I could feel the emotion through the photo. Great job capturing it!

Lindsey Jensen said...

I love all of your new photos!! Great job!! You're amazing!!

KW said...

These are amazing, great job!!

Jess Payne said...

oh Krysta, I am so thankful that you were able to take these pictures for us. I just love them. Thank you!!