Thursday, November 17, 2011

Smith Family {Houston Family and Child Photographer}

Meet the Smith family.  I love this family! They are so sweet and fun.  My favorite part of this shoot was watching Cassandra and Andrew play with their little brother Benjamin, who is adorable!  They are so cute with him.  I really enjoy capturing families interacting with each other.  

Smith_0043 cw

Smith_0053 cw

Smith_0107 cw

Smith_0063 cw

Smith_0226 cw

Smith_0114 cw    Smith_0113 cw  Smith_0115 cw

 Smith_0188 cw

Smith_0202 cw

Smith_0205 cw 

Smith_0223 cw

Smith_0121 1 cw 

Smith0137 cw

Smith_0206 cw


Tam said...

Love these pics. I totally wanted to look at their pics before I delivered their disc but I was good and didn't. They r awesome. I esp love Cassandra's pics. She's gorgeous!

Eileen said...

I love their color choices. And I love the apples! Very cute.

Beth Curtis said...

love! I think my fave is the brother pic or the last one. Can I have just HALF of the landscape over here in az. seriously!

Andrea said...

Awesome. I like the photo with the parents in the back holding hands. I also love the ones of the little boy laying in the grass. Great job!!