Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Arslanian Family {Houston, TX. Family and Lifestyle Photographer}

I had the opportunity to photograph the Arslanian family before they moved this summer.  They lived in our ward and we sure miss seeing their smiling faces each Sunday.  There is never a dull moment with Julie (love you Julie).  I don’t feel bad sharing all the details of our photo shoot because she already posted about it on FB.  Hehehe…I am giggling just thinking about it.  Since they were moving, we had planned to take lifestyle photos around their home…memories for them to take back to Utah.  We had also planned on making a trip to the Houston Temple for some family shots.  Things don’t always go as planned, we all know that. :)  Or they can go as planned with some kinks thrown into the loop.  It keeps life exciting!  When I arrive, Julie has thrown Olivia’s dress into the dryer because she had spilt mouthwash on it. Ok. No big deal. I got their family room all set up for a shot while the dress was drying, but we are losing light and we have photos to take in the bedrooms.  We speed through the indoor shots (without trying to speed too fast) for the sake of lighting, but all goes well.  Then it’s time to head out to the backyard for a family photo by the pool. 

Can you guess what happens? 


Someone fell into the pool BEFORE we had even taken a photo.  It was Krikor, the father.  I am seriously laughing right now as I type.  At least it wasn’t Julie!  That would have been AWFUL.  A serious nightmare.  It was all in slow motion.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as he was walking on the rocks and then all of the sudden he’s in the pool!  I was so worried about reactions (because I know how MY dad or MY husband would have reacted.  The photo shoot would have been OVER!!)  So I stood there at first, wondering what to do…how to fix it… and then we all just laughed. So I took some photos and then ran to get him a towel.  That is my job, right?  To document.


What a good sport! 

So on we went.  We dried him off as best we could, straightened out his wet clothes and put him back on the rock.  (There is a pool photo below.)  All goes well with the rest of the backyard photos. They change clothes and we head to the temple.  When we get there, we realize that it’s Monday and the temple is closed on Mondays.  Why didn’t we think of that?  Monday was THE ONLY day we both could work in a photo shoot so we took it with out thinking about that minor detail.  Ok.  We’ll improvise.  We  get out of  our vehicles and Julie steps into a pile of Fire Ants.  Those who live in Texas or in the South know about Fire Ants.  It is weeks of itchiness and they sting like crazy when they bite. 

But we got through that LAST kink and wrapped up the photo shoot, successfully, I think. :)

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A_0589 cw

A_0568 cw 

A_0584 cw


A_0377 cw

A_0296 cw

A_0359 BW cw 

A_0348 cw


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A_0519 cw        Untitled-3

Thanks for the fun and laughs Arslanians!  Love you guys.


Beth Curtis said...

OMG Krys! that is enough mishaps to last a life time! You can't even tell from the photos unless you told us. So fun! Way to think on your feet. You know how I react {screaming bloody murder}. Great pics, I love the feet with the crossed legs.

Andrea said...

That is hilarious. It sounds like you made the best of it. I hate when you are rushing against the clock. I like how you incorporated that family sign in the background, and the ones with the car magazine. Awesome.