Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Little Miss { 8 Months Old }


Little Miss 

As each month passes I find myself saying “I can’t believe Ady is___ months old.”  I really can’t!  She grows and changes so much each month.  You would think after having 4 kids I would feel indifferent about how fast this first year goes by.  But if anything I find it more magical.  I appreciate it more.  I know that before I know it, I am going to have a toddler who runs and talks.  This is my last chance to enjoy this stage and I have to admit that 8 months is my favorite. 

I love every piece of her.  From her hair that falls into her eyes if I don’t have it pulled back, to the little freckle on her foot.   I love how she has learned to be  patient with me.  We have an understanding of each other.  Maybe it’s a girl thing.  I remember feeling the same way with Kaylee.  I love how she loves me to hold her, but a second later she will be just as happy playing and learning something new.  I love how smart she is.  You can see her mind working behind her eyes. 

One Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago, Ady decided to stay awake after her morning feed.  Casey is much more a morning person than I am.  He was nice enough to get up with her.  I easily fell back into a deep sleep.  Before I knew it, I heard a whinny cry in the background.  At first it seemed far, far away.  But the more I woke up, I realized it was coming from in my room.  On the floor, on the opposite side of the bed.  It was my Little Miss staring right at me.  I looked around for Casey.  He wasn’t there.  I was confused…and tired still.  I pulled her up in bed and she greeted me with the biggest smile and a little snuggle.  She was saying mama, mama over and over again.  I realized that she came to find me.  She is crawling and roaming around all over the house, but she hadn’t ever come back in my room looking for me before.  I didn’t even realize that she could put those thoughts together: Mom, in her room, sleeping, in her bed. She was with Casey in the office at the front of the house and she crawled clear to the back.  Casey didn’t even know she was gone.  I love that she knows where to find me when she just needs her mommy.

Enjoy some pictures of my sweet Ady.          


Ady - 3

Ady - 2

A - 1 -.

Ady - 1

 Ady - 7   

Ady - Out take  

Ady - 6

Ady 8

Let them be little

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